Welcome to the Lionheart Consulting blog. My hope is that you can take away interesting, insightful and inspiring information that propels personal and professional growth. I believe that growth and the constant pursuit of striving to be a better version of yourself every day leads to fulfillment in every aspect of life. Its my intent that these blog posts and take-away’s will be relatable and applicable to both your personal and professional life.

Depending on your experience with Human Resources, your past experiences may have left you with the perception that HR is a pain in the neck. Or that HR is the ‘police’ and a hassle. Or it’s only needed when there is a problem. And the truth is, sometimes it is. But, what if I told you that HR could be so much more.  What if I told you that HR could be a Strategic Thought Partner.  Would you be willing to invest in yourself and your business in being strategic and thoughtful as a means to reduce the pain, hassle or overwhelm before it got to a crisis point?

Strategic, positive and purposeful human resource solutions can be creative and flexible. I bet those words don’t immediately come to mind when you think of HR. Structure doesn’t have to be rigid, but it should be consistent. Friendly and firm can coexist, and if you’re a business owner I would encourage you to reflect on how you’re imploring those two things with your employees.

Would being more friendly to your employees make them feel like you care about them? People aren’t robots and we’re wired for connection. Having employees that feel connected and cared about perform better. Would being a little more firm and enforcing appropriate boundaries make you less stressed and resentful? Maybe in the past you’ve erred on the side of friendly, but over time employees started taking advantage of your nice nature. HR can help. 

These two opposing but important aspects of leading employees can be a challenge to balance. I’d love to sit down with you over coffee, lunch or even a cocktail to better understand your situation. Brainstorming is my jam. Together, we can come up with creative ways to make your life easier so you have peace of mind and can get back to what matters to you most, business.

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